Wedding Planning: 2012 - present

It seems to be the first question out of everyone's mouth when you tell them you just got engaged..."So when's the date?" And so the planning began in search of a date and venue :)


It is very tough to believe what you see online nowadays, so searching for a venue by browsing website pictures and reviews was a lot harder than we thought. Not to mention the number of venues out there! After researching what seemed like hundreds of venues, Matt and I booked our next trip to PA to see everything in person. We sent our scout team out first (my mom and Joe) to a few venues to give us their feedback. Eventually we narrowed our search down to 10 venues (yes 10!) to look at. But 10 seemed too much to look at in just a weekend. So Matt flew back first as a recon to narrow the number down to three for when I flew back for the weekend. I only had to look at two and then I was sold! The Columbia Station is the perfect venue for us and we can't wait to share it with everyone on our special day!

Planning from cross country has definitely proven to be challenging, but we are very lucky to have wonderful friends and family to help us every step of the way.

Here is a look at our progress on our wedding planning: